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An Informal Introduction

A few years ago I was part of a hip outfit in Orlando called Unknown Media. I was the go-to writer guy. I directed a lot too, and the rest of the gang made me look good while I did it, and I think I helped make them look good as well.

But on a rainy (probably not) day, I was feeling a creative wave start to swell up in my tummy. However, I had not the balls at the time to really start something I would be obliged to stand by. I decided to pass my time, and to get my creative rocks off by cutting all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies together in chronological order leading up to the Avengers movies.

Yes, I was single at the time.

My rainy day project wound up spanning a month or two, of tweaking, and ending up with a 9 1/2 hour edit of a movie that I owned no part of. With no real reason for creating this magnum dopus, I was afraid to put my name or Unknown's name on it. But I'm a writer, so I'm kind of a vain dick, right?


So when push came to shove, I made the credits for the super feature:

Marvel Studios presents

In Association with Cheating Strategy

I felt clever. Like I could have my cake and eat too. Cheating Strategy was my cheating strategy. An alias, or a tag. It's obnoxiously self-explanatory.

Oh, and it took me longer than it should have to realize that CS was also my initials.

Fast forward to now, I'm using this and the name Cheating Strategy to talk about fun things, engage with people doing cool stuff, and to tag on the beginning or end of any future endeavors.

Because, you know, branding!

I wish I had a new short or a sketch to put here, or even a 9 and a half hour superhero movie I wouldn't get sued for.

So there's this instead, a promise of more to come.

More fun, I promise.

It's cute right? RIGHT?!

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