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Coast to Coast

3 weeks ago my girlfriend and I, along with the dog, packed up most or our things and drove two cars across the country from Connecticut to Los Angeles. I wish it was as easy as that last sentence was to put together. If the amount of commas was the only thing we had to worry about, we would’ve been thrilled.

My lady is a very talented photographer and she’s very present in terms of shooting. Unlike myself who will go weeks without an Instagram post, despite my decadent eating habits, Yulissa is always taking pictures in rapid fire.

I’ve picked up a habit of making a little video of whenever she and I takes an abundance of pictures. I call it a ‘Photo-Show’ because I worked in Branding for a few years now, and proprietary terms like that get me all hot and stuff. Just don’t call it a slide show, we fight way too much about song choices for this to be called a slideshow.

So please enjoy our drive across the country, and before I get too long winded, I’ll post the video now.

So here’s some thoughts

1. Colorado is gorgeous. What a picturesque place to legalize marijuana, man. I loved the Rockies, my 2001 Mazda Protege with 202,000 miles not so much. However the real sweetness started in Longmont CO, where we got put up, and lavishly, first by my dear pal Nicole Thomas and her family of assorted people and animals. It was wonderfully short lived as we had to leave early the next day.

2. Taco John’s is a midwestern Tex Mex staple. They sling tacos and burritos with tater tots. Think of a decent bootleg of Taco Bell, but with tater tots. It’s a lot like the Harrison Ford movie Air Force One; you remember it being a lot better than it is, but it’s fine.

3. I hadn’t seen my friend Jon Yu since 2008 when I was 18. It was weird enough for me to bother him for a roof and a floor to sleep on in Las Vegas, but it was even weirder that he was so graciously accepting and enthusiastic to host us. Within an hour of arriving, Jon, a sommelier, greeted us with a glass of wine, a home brewed beer, and a bottle of the best bourbon I’ve ever tasted. He then filled up our air mattress with a high pressure air pump. Then he took us out for tacos, and showed us the Vegas strip at 5 in the morning. We were so excited that we fell asleep in the car. We got to play around and take some pictures a little in the day time, but I’ll probably never forget that night.

4. When you do a long distance relationship, you log a lot of phone time. So in many ways, driving two cars across the country is a lot like a long distance relationship. And for all the people who said they’d call, I found myself on the phone with the car behind me a lot.

5. I don’t advise you to pack up your car and drive away from people you love and care about, especially not as many times as I have. But if you have to do it, fly. It’s much faster and less stressful. Or do it with your main squeeze and a small dog. Your choice.

More videos and stuff soon.



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