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Aura Glass

When you’re in film school, you don’t really think of yourself making a lucrative run producing Kickstarter videos, especially in 2010, when Kickstarter wasn’t even a thing. But times change, and the universe doesn’t want you to make movies, so here we are.

Luckily Kickstarter is a super interesting format, that doesn’t need me over-explaining it. I’ve gotten to work on a few Kickstarter campaigns, some for assorted entrepreneurs, and even some for those aforementioned movies the universe didn’t want me to make at the time. It’s usually a mixed bag of good idea, interesting execution, poor networking, great networking, wishful thinking, and dumb luck.

Here and there, among all the crowd-funded campaigns you get a perfect storm, in a swirling glass.

A friend, and recent newly-wed (not to me) Adam Czarnik, put me in touch with a colleague of his by the name of Keven Carpenter. Keven and his wife Ankana had a product they wanted to launch a Kickstarter for.

You're getting very sleepy

After a few months of email exchange and signing a Non Disclosure Agreement, I was introduced to the Aura Glass, a rotating, self-aerating wine glass, that not even my clumsy ass could spill.

I once again employed the services of Gary Ahmed, who had as much fun as I did shooting moving liquid at 90 frames per second. So much fun that it got us another liquid themed project down the road.

I had a very good working relationship with Keven and Ankana, and before I write too much and tank any interest you had on checking out the product, click the image to see the Aura Glass Kick Starter campaign.


As of this writing, the Aura Glass team has raised a little over $7,000 of their $50,000 goal.

They also had us produce a short promo for their website, which you can watch here:

Check out their official website and give em a like on Facebook.

Also donate if you feel inclined, or share, or do nothing. You’re a grown up, figure it out.


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