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February is cold, but around the middle of the month, love certainly warms things up. Which is why I'm here today with a heartwarming story. Sort of.

Below is a quick, improvised, not-so-serious short that was shot last winter. I wrote and directed, and shot with long time guy I keep linking to on this page, Gary Ahmed. Featuring myself along with my girlfriend Yulissa Morales and my best friend Dave Piel, who in real life are occassionally at odds with eachother.

So this was fun. Check it out.

Shorts like these are a super fun exercise, I don't do enough. Get 3-4 people together, shoot something, see if it cuts, and deal with it. Like when you're shooting at a restaraunt without permission and you realize some of your shots are out of focus.

So happy Valentine's Day, stay safe, and don't text and date.

I always tag Gary, so today, you should go like the page for his new movie Whiskey on Beer

Go check out Yulissa's fashion lifestyle blog FuzzyBrainz

And tell my best pal Dave Piel happy birthday on February 7th.

You're all my Valentine, cool?



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